Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enough already with this stupid economy!

Generating new business is proving to be a difficult goal right now.  Everyone is wanting you to come down on your prices. However, my prices reflect not only me as your house cleaner but also the products and the equipment that I use. I own a Green cleaning company and all my cleaning supplies follow that mantra as well as my equipment. So giving a discount just to give a discount is not going to happen.  My prices are lower than most larger companies to begin with. However, I have given my customers an incentive to save on their own house cleaning bill by giving them coupons to pass out to their friends.  If their friends use my service just once, they receive a $20.00 discount off their next cleaning.  I think that is a pretty good deal. It is a way to market/advertise without me having to spend the money to do so and in return my prices do not increase. I also customize a cleaning plan to fit any budget.  Although if your budget is so tight, then hiring a cleaning service should probably be the last thing on your mind. Not everyone can afford to have their house cleaned professionally.  I understand that.  However, there is still a  need for this service and as long as the need is still there, I am going to fight for that business.

What I think would benefit people the most would be a price reduction in the basic staples of food. The food in most of the grocery stores that I have shopped at are steadily rising. Pretty soon no one will be able to afford the necessities, however, I am seeing a lot of cigarettes and black and mild cigars discount signs popping up in most gas stations and convenience stores. Hmmm.. such priorities we have right?

With all the disasters of this year so far, our food prices are going to jump.  The hard winter up north will ensure that.  Many farmers will have a total loss on their crops and we the people will suffer greatly for it.  Bananas are at an all time high, can't wait to see how tomatoes and potatoes will fair.  Bread is ridiculous and meats are inching up in price. 

Food pantries and soup kitchens are going to be very busy in the next several months and I am sure that most of them will run out of supplies a lot faster than usual.  People receiving food stamps are going to have to do a better job budgeting and making meals stretch farther than they already do, because their food stamps won't be increased just because the cost of food has risen.  This is crazy.

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