Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I hate packing!

It's been a very hectic few days. And no end is in sight in the near future either. Oy!

On Saturday, Chris, Katie and I went over to Kat's house to remedy her A/C problem The one that we gave her was not working right and eventually started to leak and spout water all over. So… Chris took that unit out with the help of Kat's son, Mark (My son, Jeff, worked earlier than normal because he was going to the Homecoming dance that evening). They put back in her old one and it wouldn't even blow any air. The fan bit the dust. Kat had to have a brand new one put in. Now, because of all the donations and support she has received she was able to buy a new one and she is also able to take that off the rent. So it worked out for the best all the way around. The new one is working great! Chris wanted to have it run all week to make sure no leaks would occur and we will be going over this Saturday to finally tear down the old drywall and replace it. Eventually we would like to repaint the entire room for her but that will take some time that unfortunately we will not have the time for in the immediate future.

We are moving this month to an exact model house that we are in now for $300.00 less in rent. We tried to work something out with the landlord (the one that never likes to return calls). Just last month the landlord called us to see if we would be interested in buying the house from him. After he and his wife got a divorce, their settlement left them owning all their property (one house and two trailers used for their landscaping employees) 50/50. Except for the house he bought shortly before we moved in here. He wanted to get out from underneath her. Chris told him then that there were way too many structural repairs to have to deal with and that there would be no way we would pay more than $100,000.00. Chris told the landlord that he would have to take a bath on the sale of the house. The landlord told us he would get back to us on that and that he understood exactly what we were talking about. Never called us back! Surprised? I'm not. However, Chris did mention to him in that same conversation that either he could consider selling to us (which for the record I did not want the house) or seriously consider coming down on the rent and that seeing how the economy is now a lot of places are coming down on rent. He straight out told us that his ex-wife has the say in that and because they have to pay an additional $100.00 dollars a month to pay the mortgage, (Hmmm… I am pretty sure they took advantage of the subprime market) she would probably tell us to look for another place. Chris told him if she was not willing to come down then they have our last months rent and we will look somewhere else. That is exactly what we did.

We will be moving out of here by the 22nd. Sooner if she has the carpets cleaned earlier. And as I mentioned before it is the same exact house except for a few modifications. Jeff will no longer have to deal with the utility hookups being in his bedroom closet. The Utility room is down stairs where there a third bathroom is where we live now. I am 100 percent fine with that. Jeff is really fine with that. Although he will lose access to the bathroom from his bedroom, because a huge closet is there in the new house. And we also have a linen closet in the new house. The lanai in the new house is actually a sunroom and deck area. We like that better and they also have converted one half of the garage into a lounge room. We don't need the garage for the cars, just our bikes, my dad's motorcycle, Chris' tools and my cleaning products. We don't use the double garage now except for storage. So we can deal with the garage just being for storage.

So… when we informed our landlord of our intention of leaving, he became upset. He asked if we were unhappy with our neighbors. WTF? Chris told him that we were very happy with the neighbors. He then asked if we could hold off on the whole moving gig because he and his ex wife were in the middle of refinancing and possibly could match what we would pay the other landlords. Uh… NO! Sorry… Can't do that, we have already made a commitment to the people. He actually told us that we were being very selfish because he was very willing to negotiate if we just let them know.. Can you see the type of people we are dealing with? We DID discuss this with him a month ago. He never got back to us on anything we previously discussed with him last month. When Chris' repeated back to him word for word on what he said about his ex wife not willing to negotiate and we told him that we would find another place. The landlord's response? NOTHING! What I really find amusing is that when I came home from taking Kat to the doctors and picking my kids up from their grandma's house, there was a FOR RENT sign already in place in the yard. UNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLE!!!! Seriously this guy is a douche bag and a half! Within in an hour of me leaving and Chris coming home for lunch, he already put up a sign. Yes he certainly has the right but I just can't believe how quickly he got to that when he has never and I mean NEVER responded to anything that went wrong with the house. The whole huge ass tree branch situation, the leaks from the A/C that also leaked into the garage and that section of the ceiling coming down, which did damage to our stuff in storage and the leaks from the roof causing ceiling damage to the front of the garage. And last but certainly no least the whole tick debacle. It just amazes me how he was like Speedy fuckinggonzales with the For Rent sign.

Chris seems to think that we will lose the deposit simply because the landlord is mad. I say he can fuck himself if he thinks he is keeping any of it! But of course Chris' just wants to get away from the Looney shits and may very well let them keep it just to get the hell out! What do you think?


Kat said...

I can't thank you and Chris enough for all of the work you guys have done here helping me with the AC, it's so appreciated.

I wish I was well enough to help you pack. It's a chore that really sucks doing, even worse when it's only you doing it because everyone else in the family is at work or school when the packing needs to be done.

Mindy said...

Kat: Knowing that you and the boys are comfortable with how the A/C works is thanks enough for us. We really do enjoy helping all we can. As far as the packing... I wouldn't ask my worst enemy to help with packing LOL!
I actually enjoy packing by myself because I have no one to get in my way when I am on a roll:)

Avitable said...

Just take photos of everything after you move out. He has to return your deposit within a reasonable time, and he cannot withhold money from it for normal wear and tear. If he hasn't done that or if he sends you a letter saying that you're not getting anything back, you need to keep pushing him until you get it. You can even file in small claims court very cheaply.

Mindy said...

Avitable: I have documented everything we have had to endure here and we took pictures before we moved in and we will take them once we are out. Chris doesn't seem to think anything will happen but I am not holding my breath. Chris however has already set up a walk through with the landlord and if he does not dispute anything he will sign off on the move out report that we will put together. I think that should be beneficial for us to have.