Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lost and found in Katie’s room.

Little by little I am accomplishing more in the packing up the house department. While I was cleaning my daughter's room, I notice she has accumulated many objects that I thought were gone. I have been missing a necklace that my boss and his wife gave to me from their trip to Italy, nail polish, nail file, double A batteries and Chris' crank flashlight. Actually Chris forgot he allowed Katie to his flashlight. He did so she wouldn't run down the batteries in his Mag Lite. Now I understand why the cats are always rowdy around Katie's bedtime. She uses the flashlight to get the cats hyped up. Geez….

The kitchen is in disarray and I am limiting the family to just the basics. One plate, cup, bowl and silverware. Which means the small remaining dishes will have to be washed by hand instead of the dishwasher. This should be interesting, seeing as how my family, mainly the kids, think that every time they get something to drink they need a new cup.

We heard from the new landlord, she told Chris that we officially get access tomorrow. The carpets will be cleaned in the morning but we may move in boxes and little items tomorrow evening. The furniture will be moved on October 25th. I am rather relieved that we get to take our time moving rather than having to hurry up in one weekend.



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