Friday, October 10, 2008

I loathe packrats!

As most of you know already, I am moving in just a few short weeks. So… I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure what we are taking with us and what will be going into the moving sale next weekend. While I have been slaving away in the garage yesterday, I came across this box of cable wire and connections. Chris is known for collecting mass amounts of junk like this. His packrat disorder has gotten way out of hand. Before we moved in to this place I made him go through all his clothes and donate to the Salvation Army what he didn't wear anymore. He had clothes from back when we were in high school! I know his own mother harped on him all the time to get rid of things that he hasn't used in over a year. His philosophy differs from "normal" people though. Once he gets rid of it he will need it.

Anyway, when Chris came home from work to find me still in the garage making a somewhat organized mess, he mentioned something about a CAT5e box not supposed to be in the trash pile. I thought I heard him say that it looked like a CAT 5. And I got upset with him. Sure it looked like a hurricane went through here. I have been sweating my ass off all day trying to tackle the garage and organize shit all by myself what the hell did he expect it to look like? I think he about peed his pants laughing as he picked up the stupid cable box that I threw in the trash and put it into the pile he knew we were keeping. Grrr….. Stupid packrat!

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