Friday, October 17, 2008

Is Barrack Hussein Obama really eligible to be the President of the United States?

I would never be comfortable allowing any one to be the President of the United States(POTUS)if he was not a natural born citizen as it states in the Constitution.

There are three requirements to be able to run for President.

#1. He must be 35 years of age.
#2. He must have at least 14 years of residency in the United States.
#3. He must be a natural born citizen.

That is surely not a lot to demand of one who would want to run our country. Apparently Barrack Obama thinks so...

There is a lawsuit now brought into play by Philip J. Berg a democrat and attorney in Pennsylvania. This lawsuit is demanding that Barrack Obama show proof of his citizenship. John McCain was required to show proof. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone while his father was stationed there in the military.

Please watch this in its entirety..

I want to thank Shelly from The Mom with Brownies. She did a lot of research to find the information she has posted.

I will not vote for a man that will not produce the necessary documents to prove that he is eligible to run my country. We have a lot at stake here and we do not need a shady, dishonest, self seeking individual to muck it up even more.


Miss Britt said...

We do have a lot at stake here.

And it's difficult enough for people to understand the major and relevant POLICY issues - and choose between the ideologies - without this crap.

Do you REALLY think that this is legitimate?

Mindy said...

Miss Britt - I have no problem understanding major and relevant policies. However I do have a real hard time understanding why it is so difficult for Obama to comply. If you have nothing to hide it shouldn't bother you in the least to prove that you are right.

Do you know that this is not legitimate? I think it very well could be legitimate.

Miss Britt said...

I don't mean to suggest that YOU have a hard time understanding policies. But there are other people who do.

I wish that we valued the importance of our fellow citizens to be informed as much as we value the idea of "our guy" winning.

As for whether or not Obama is a naturally born citizen? I'm not much of a conspiracy theorists so logic tells me that a man does not get this far in a national election for a NATIONAL party (you really think Hillary Clinton would have let that slide?) if any of this was a legitimate issue.

But.. just to be sure...

And the birth certificate you wanted to see, produced by the campaign months ago:

Mindy said...

Miss Britt - I absolutely agree that citizens should be informed. I have done my research into this and this is what I believe.

I respect you and your opinions. I just ask for the same. Whenever you yourself have posted about your opinions and I didn't agree with them.... I did not disagree or agree with you because you have that right. So do I.

You are passionate for Obama. I am not.

Miss Britt said...

Mindy - I hope you understand that me disagreeing with you does not at ALL mean I don't respect your opinion, or more importantly - your right to have them.

Mindy said...

Miss Britt - It is very difficult to discern how one is reacting via email and instant messages. I have nothing but the highest respect for you. I really didn't think you would be any different towards me.

Too many people do not get involved enough politically and I really think that its a shame. This is our country after all.