Monday, October 13, 2008

Still packing

My business is launching off the ground nicely. I have two more clients to schedule on a weekly basis. So far my Tuesdays and Wednesdays slots are almost full. I have avoided Fridays for the time being since my children are off from school this coming Friday and I am not quite sure I want a heavy scheduled Friday just yet. I still want to keep some time for my own house. I absolutely hate to clean on the weekends because I do not get any down time as it is on the weekends. One thing I am thinking of adding to my expenses is a cell phone that will be used strictly for business calls. So I am now on a search for unlocked cell phones. I already have a business line hooked up with voicemail that will accommodate calls when I am not available to answer the phone.

I know that we are moving but it was vital to go ahead and set up the separate phone line so I could get my business started. I am not extremely busy that I cannot handle doing a few houses during the week and have time to pack the house. So far the whole downstairs with the exception of the kitchen is pretty much packed. I have neat rows of boxes stacked up along the back wall. Once I get more boxes the kitchen and bathrooms will be packed with the exception of the last minute necessities. The upstairs will be the last to pack. I will keep 7 days worth of clothing out for my family and pack up all the rest.

I am excited, anxious and stressed all at the same time. I hate moving but when it needs to be done, I try to make it as smooth of a transition as I possibly can. Chris and I rearranged the garage to accommodate what is being sold in the garage sale this coming weekend and what is being moved with us. On Saturday, my parents surprised us with a whole family room set of furniture. Their neighbors who have made their Florida residency permanent, have bought new furniture for the home and needed to get rid of their old but still looks like new furniture. We received a Queen sized sofa bed, a loveseat and two nice and plump chairs. Chris then informed me this morning that his co-worker and his wife want to give us another sofa bed and recliner. I seriously do not know where I am going to put all this but Chris insists we take it all. He is determined to find a place for it all. Whatever….

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