Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pimple problem at my age…. OY!

Just how many acne treatments is one supposed to put up with before any results are proven effective for a long period of time? Since I started going through pre menopause, my skin hasn't been kind to me. I still get my monthly visitor and though it may not be predictable when it's coming every month, my breakouts tell me the time is getting close. I don't want to be reminded in that way though.

I have been using store bought brands for well over a year now. They will work in the beginning and then lose the battle as I use it daily. I really need to find a product that will work on a more consistent basis. I never had a real problem as a teen and young adult. Even though my skin would break out every now and then, I was able to bring it under control. Now… it's like fighting a useless battle. It's also embarrassing being a woman in my late 30's having to worry about what my face is going to look like the next morning. I never had this much stress as a teenager.

I don't want to use a fad skin program, I want one that is actually going to work and keep working in the long run. Does anyone know of a good skin regimen?

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Draven said...

When i had my pimple problem it was around the same time for me, in my mid 30's and usually when the monthly was on the way... Thats when the doc put me on that antiboitic i think i told you about...tetracycline (sp) I took it in the beginning to clear everything up and then when the monthly would come around i would take it before and it really helped...