Friday, October 10, 2008

Know the FACTS!

Florida Issue Alert

Senator Barack Obama's latest television advertisement doesn't tell the truth about John McCain's health care plan.

Senator Obama falsely claims that John McCain's plan will cost Americans more for health care than they are spending now, and will leave more Americans uninsured. (


Barack Obama and Joe Biden have consistently lied to Americans about John McCain's plan. Their claims have failed every fact-check - from CBS to the Washington Post. John McCain is not going to raise taxes on middle class families. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the only candidates in this race that plan to raise taxes.

John McCain will reform the tax code to offer more choices beyond employer-based health insurance coverage. While individuals will still have the option of keeping employer-based coverage, every family will receive a direct refundable tax credit - effectively cash - of $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families to offset the cost of insurance.

Senator Obama claims that Americans will spend more under the McCain plan, but the truth is that your employer could provide you with health insurance as good as a Member of Congress, and you would pay no more in taxes - regardless of your tax bracket. In fact, you would have some additional money left over from the McCain tax credit to put in a health savings account.

Call to Action

John McCain knows that Americans are worried about health care costs, and he believes we can and must provide access to health care for every American. Senator Obama continues to air misleading advertisements about John McCain's health care plan in Florida, and we are depending on you to help to share the truth about John McCain's message.

With less than four weeks until Election Day, we need your support more than ever. Can you help the McCain-Palin ticket by volunteering at your Local Victory Office for a few hours each week? Your efforts to share John McCain's message of real reform and real change will make all the difference on November 4th.


Avitable said...

Actually, Mindy, experts are saying that it's very possible that his plan will cause many small business to stop providing health insurance, and since the average family plan costs about $12,000, this would leave you $7,000 in the hole.

In addition, this is a credit on your taxes. It doesn't mean that you're going to get a refund if you have a tax liability in other areas of your income.

Here's some factchecking for you:

Mindy said...

Avitable - Many employers now do not offer health insurance. When I was still working for the plumbing company they went with a health savings account plan that many of the employees were not happy with. I opted out of having health insurance through my employer for the first time ever and went to being self insured. It cost me far less to do that than to be on their plan. I don't believe that the government had anything to do with it but the greediness of the insurance companies and their promoters. However... I really do think that McCain is seriously looking into this issue and his plan is not so far fetched as the "experts" say it is.
Thank you for providing the link. I did read it but I am still not convinced that what they say is absolute truth though.

Avitable said...

Factcheck is a non-partisan site that remains completely, 100% objective. With all politicians inflating numbers and exaggerating, they are one of the only sites that you can trust completely to discuss the truth, regardless of the party involved.

Mindy said...

Avitable - I absolutely agree with you that 100% objective but I am not sure they are 100% right either. Being objective is different than being right.
Do we agree to disagree then?