Friday, November 7, 2008

Apparently I am the only Procrastinator in this family….

I for one procrastinate on getting some of the boxes cleared out and put away. Chris informed me yesterday that I shouldn't have put the dogs' Heartguard and flea/tick treatments under the bathroom sink. Potentially one day that sink could possibly leak and therefore all the medications for the dogs would be ruined. He has also questioned my logic for putting other things away. Then, just before bed, he proceeds to tell me that he is used to me doing things wrong. Maybe I should just stop doing anything all together.

There are a few things I could point of to him but it would fall on deaf ears. Apparently what I say doesn't matter so I am going to vent them here.

My dad has a motorcycle that is 28 years old. Right now it is sitting in our garage. Chris and Jeff both have mentioned many times how they need to get a few Harley parts to get the ol' girl in running shape. It has been sitting in our garage for over a year now.

Chris on more than one occasion has mentioned how he would like to trim up the hedges that border the walkway to the front door. I asked him this weekend when he planned on doing that… he told me once he fixed his character on WOW (World of Warcraft). The trimming never happened.

He vehemently told me when we were moving to remind him to put the pictures up on the wall so that they didn't sit around for months like the last time. I did what he asked and guess what… they are still sitting around.

Our bedroom is so cluttered it is unreal. My closet is already set up but Chris' is already cluttered. We have three boxes and a big tote all full of Chris' belongings that have yet to be put in their spots. Our room is pretty much his. All his stuff has a spot and there is barely any room for mine. Chris' book shelf is set up next to my bed because he has no room for it on his side. But there is nothing on it. He actually got mad at me because I asked him when he planned on putting his stuff away. He told me that everything in the boxes went on the bookshelf but he is not sure if he wants to put it back on the bookshelf so I need to back off and let him think on where everything should go.

He thinks that I do nothing all day. Never mind that he always has clean clothes. Never mind that he always has food to eat. Never mind that dinner is roughly on the table shortly after he gets home. Never mind that the house smells clean and fresh (because it damn well is). Never mind the kid's homework is done before he gets home. Never mind that there is not one spot of piss or poop from the animals anywhere in this damn house ( because I make sure the dogs go out every few hours and the cats litter box is cleaned out at least three times a day before he gets home).

Ok.. I am done ranting… It's time to go clean the litter box…

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