Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving went too fast.

Well, I think we have all gotten our fill of turkey for the next year. Between my mom and Chris we had two turkeys that had a combined weight of 33 pounds. Why did we have two turkeys? My dad loves his stuffing and he prefers it stuffed in the bird while it cooks and Chris and his dad won't eat just any old turkey. Oh no… it needs to be fried. I have such easy going parents. When I told them that Chris was going to bring a fried turkey the only thing my dad said was, "Good, more leftovers for me". Snicker… I don't think they counted on all the leftovers once the eight of us were finished stuffing our faces. I ended up bringing not only our own leftovers from the turkey, relish tray, butternut squash but also half of their leftovers. I see turkey sandwiches on the menu for the next week.

My mom is known for her pies. She has been baking pies for as long as I can remember. Today was no exception. She truly out did herself in the pie department. She made the traditional pumpkin pie, a blueberry pie for my dad and Jeff and an apple pie especially for me. I wish I had her baking skills for pies but alas, it isn't my calling. It is nice to get together and enjoy the company of loved ones and it was especially nice that their neighbors are so friendly that they invited Jeff and Katie over to play with their visiting grandchildren. I swear they had a game of tag going for over an hour. Not only will the tryptophan put the little darlings to sleep but the exercise they got will also keep them out tonightJ.

I wanted Chris to take pictures of both our families together and he did bring the camera but forgot his memory stick so he couldn't have saved any pictures on his camera because it is full of work pictures from inspections. So… I will have to wait for my mom to get hers developed to get the duplicates. I have been trying to start a family album of holidays shared and it seems to get sunk before even launching it. One of these days it will happen.

Ok.. My eyeballs are drooping and I am getting extremely tired.

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Leeannne said...

I love apple pie too. Last year I bought a pie from the store ( I would make my own but our kitchen is really small and it makes it hard to really make a good crust and such) but this year since I am on my health kick I made a healthy apple crumb cake. It was good but by no stretch your traditional apple pie that I love. Especially with some vanilla ice cream!!!