Monday, November 17, 2008

Not going to happen this holiday season…

With the holidays looming over me, I have decided to not give in to the temptation of all the foods. I know it's going to be tough without the assistance of dietpills, but, I am determined to not gain any more weight than I have already. It is getting so dang hard for me to lose it though. I walk Katie to and from school roughly a mile round trip and that is twice a day. I also clean houses that average out to 8 hours a week plus my own house. I am not sure what else it that I can do to boost the metabolism and burn the fat.

I know that I am premenopausal so that is a strike against me but this is getting so old now. I mean there are plenty of women that go through this and not gain an ounce. I on the other hand gain a pound just by looking at something scrumptious. I have the will power but my body fights me all the way.

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