Saturday, November 29, 2008

Conversations at Thanksgiving dinner I could’ve done without…

We try and celebrate one holiday a year with both sets of parents for a specific reason, to minimize the "getting old" conversations. Or worse, "the olden days were better than now days"

Topics from suffering with fibromyalgia and osteoporosis, and other arthritis conditions and medications. My favorite conversations are when the tables are turned on me or Chris on how we were a couple of hellion children. Of course, our children love to hear these stories so that they can use it against us in the future. One of the conversations turned on me turning a ripe old age of 38 this coming Thursday. My own mother actually called me an old broad. Both sets of parents kidded with me about getting old and how 40 is beating down the door in just a few short years. Jeff chimed in with the "you could be a grandma by the time you are 40" to which I smacked him and told I better not be! Smartass teenagers.

The kids were enthralled by the talk of how things were when their grandparents were young and how they did perfectly fine without all the contraptions that are out there now. Cell phones are a luxury, video games are destroying the youth, DVD players are taking away from the kids using their imagination because let's face it people, all the kids are getting fat because they do nothing all day but sit on their asses. That may be true in some households. But our parents know us perfectly well to know that our children do not do that. They are limited to what they can watch and for how long and our video game playing is more of a family night game event. I think that because they are somewhat out of touch with things that all they can do is sit around and mull that idea around in their heads and then bitch and complain about it.

Don't get me wrong I love our parents to pieces but sometimes I could do without their banter about the good old days. I am sure when I reach their age I could very well be just like them. Here's hoping that I will notice that before it happens.

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