Thursday, November 13, 2008

The problem with children nowadays, is their parents….

I am not saying that children are deviants or criminals either. I am talking more about attitudes and smugness.

Katie has been a part of Girl Scouts since Kindergarten when she started out as a Daisy. Now that she is in her second year of Brownies the attitudes of some of these little girls is mind boggling. Since Katie has been able to sell Girl Scout cookies (this coming March will mark her third year doing so) most of the girls want to be "friends" with Katie because for the past two years she has been the top seller in her troop. Chris and I do not plan for it to happen but we do participate in more cookie booths and accosting more neighbors, friends, and family members to buy at least one box. We do so because it helps the troop, not for Katie to reap the reward of being the top seller. We have noticed this trend with some of the girls that bombard Katie in the beginning of the Girl Scout season until just after the cookie season is over. The rest of the time in Brownies Katie is pretty much non -existent to these particular girls. We noticed it last year and so did the troop leaders. What is sad is the co-troop leaders daughter is one of them. This year has started out no different.

We have an overnight camping trip on Friday. When the cabin roster was posted and the girl's parents found out that their daughters were not bunking with Katie, they threw a fit. I could not believe the tantrums these parents were throwing. One mother actually complained that her daughter has no chance with Katie as a friend because they are purposely keeping them apart. Seriously? If you really want your daughter to interact with Katie than where were you in the summer when Katie would call to invite said girl over to play? Or better yet why would you not allow your daughter to come over or sleep over? This truly does not make any sense. Out of the 11 girls in the troop, Katie would make the 12th; Katie has four girls that are consistently friendly and truly wants to be her friend before and after the cookie sales.

Last year our troop was given 20 slots for different booths on certain weekends throughout Sarasota. Two girls per slot time which is roughly two hours give or take. Chris, Katie and I did 11 slots. We participate in the cookie booths to help raise money for the troop in whole. For the last two years since we have been selling cookies, we have made enough money for the all girls' dues each year, pay for camping and other activities, and throw parties. None of which is an out of pocket expense for us parents. We think it's a great idea to do so and that is why we volunteer to do so many booths because we know Katie can sell (she inherited that skill from her dad) and we like that fact that we are not shelling money out every time the kids would like to do an activity. It's an added bonus for Katie "if" she makes the top seller. Truly though, it is not her goal. Katie works harder than most of the girls that shared our booth. She was spunky, cute and very attentive to the people that she approached. The other girls complained, whined and pretty much pooped out after being there for only 30 minutes. Some parents didn't even stay to help out which left Chris and I in charge of someone else's kid. That will not happen this year. If the parents aren't willing to stay than they can just take their daughter with them. That was mentioned last year at the end of the year party. The troop leader was pissed to find out we were also babysitters.

I am not sure how we are going to deal with this coming year but I do not want to segregate Katie from the troop come Cookie time. It is not fair to her.


Kat said...

So these little brats only want to be Katie's friends so that they can do the booth sales with her and be top earners too?
Fuck that shit and fuck their greedy ass parents too!
Seriously that makes me ill, that these parents will push for their daughters to be on Katie's team just so they can be top earners, and then when it's over, they don't even let the kids play together or have sleepovers.
I would put my foot down, and tell the troop leader that Katie will still do the booths, but only with the girls that are really her friends, and that if the other parents want to be there, they need to stay there, not leave their daughter in your care, that's not right at all.

I hate this kind of shit.
Nothing pisses me off more than parents who teach their kids to ride the coat tails of other people who actually do the work.

Oh, and you know I'll be buying some cookies...LOL

Mindy said...

Kat - Yep. But the thing is with the booth sales the girls split the boxes sold. So they want to do the booths but not actually do the work involved.
Katie will be doing booths with three other girls and even some on our own. We are trying to get more booths this year to accomodate that. If they can't then we will do less booths but that will probably hurt the troop. It sucks!

Happy Mommy said...

This comment barely relates, because I don't have children in the scouts. But, today at arlington park, I had an all out yelling match with a woman because her 2 or 3 year old picked up my son's sippy cup, threw it at me, and then called me a Fcuking B!tch. I was flabberghasted and did nothing until later when the same kid spit water from the fountain at my kid and his friends. Then while I was yelling at his mother he pushed my younger son off a small ledge into the mulch. I could've killed her.

Mindy said...

happy mommy - I would have beat the ever living crap out of that mom... but I would have done it without the kids present:)