Monday, November 3, 2008

Tightening of the belts and purse strings

Chris' company is going through some restructuring. No.. not in a bankruptcy kind of way but scaling back on expenses and such. Like I mentioned before, Chris' is bringing in our water cooler that we don't use because we get our water from the fridge receptacle now. They are also cutting corners on insurance. Mainly on health and life insurance. Chris' is the only smoker in the office but he smokes cigars and not on a daily basis. So I am not sure he would fall under the category of smokers life insurance or not. His bosses don't seem to think so.

Since the company has downsized and let go of their office manager, they are down to just two employees and the partners which is Chris' dad and good friend. They have enough work to sustain Chris and the other guy and they are really hoping to weigh through this economic crunch that we are in. Tightening of the belts and seeking more contracts is their main focus right now. I think they will pull it off.

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