Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations to the President elect: Barack Obama

If John McCain can concede with dignity, so can I.

Now I am quite interested in what Obama is going to do and I am even more interested in the change he promises. Quite frankly I didn't feel he explained it all that well. I am relieved to hear that his first priority will be the economy. Either way I am pretty sure that would have been the first priority no matter who won.

I will say that I do have respect for Obama. Not necessarily his politics. But, that is why America is so great. We can agree to disagree and we are not a nation of conformity. Everyone has the right to think what they believe and the majority of the Americans felt that Obama was the best choice. It was an extremely close race and I knew it would be.

John Mc Cain told Barrack Obama that he would help in getting our Nation back on track. They both have the right idea. Putting aside our differences and helping one another. We as Americans need to do the same.


Happy Mommy said...

Hi. I just noticed that you are a Sarasota Mommy. Have I mentioned that before? I am constantly looking for other bloggers close to home, and it helps if they have kids. I am hoping to make friends that live nearby.

Mindy said...

happy mommy - Welcome! I am also looking for bloggers that live near by. It's makes it so much easier to relate when you already have at least one thing in common.... blogging!