Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whoever thinks that Illegal Immigrants can do no harm...

needs to have their heads examined! Chris was laid off in June. He applied for unemployment and when his determination paper came it stated that he also worked for two farms in the Miami/Dade county area. Immediately we were concerned. Chris called the unemployment office in Tallahassee and reported to them that he NEVER worked for the two farms and also told them that it would be impossible for him to work three jobs in 2008 because of the locations. We live in Sarasota. It would take Chris over five hours one way to drive to Miami. That would be one hell of a commute!

Apparently, it is not uncommon for wrong employers to be linked to your data, well, that is what the caseworker said. Until Chris had to attend a seminar at our local Jobs Etc location about finding assistance in job seeking, continuing education that is paid for by the foundation and other avenues to find employment. It is a requirement for anyone that has been laid off to continue with the unemployment benefit assistance. When Chris went to register into their system to be able to apply for jobs via online, he found out that he was already in the system!

A 24 year old Hispanic male is using Chris' identity to seek out jobs. The offenders job locations were the exact jobs that were listed on Chris' Unemployment Determination letter. The county in which this criminal resides is Miami/Dade area. See a pattern?

Chris called the Miami police department and they told him that without an address there was little they could do. I really can't say that we were surprised or shocked by this tidbit of information. He then called the unemployment office again to report this incident so that they could look into the matter. The only good thing so far is that this miscreant has not used the unemployment benefit to collect money. He has only been utilizing the Jobs ETC to look for work. Still, It is still Identity theft! Chris will now access his credit report and look for any discrepancies and he has to report this to our local Social Security office and have them look into the matter, then maybe he can get appropriate law enforcement involved. I am just wondering why he has to do all the leg work. I mean seriously, what the hell do we pay their salaries for if they don't do the work themselves?


Christine said...

That is some very scary stuff! No doubt in my mind that this guy is an illegal, if he was documented, why would he steal someone else's ID to look for work?

Yous should consider taking this story to the media, see if they want to do a story about it. For all we know, this could be a common practice among illegals, who knows who else has been victimized this way?

Good luck in getting this resolved!

Mindy said...

Christine - I am very sure that this is common practice but I am not so sure it is truly done by the illegals themselves. False documents and bogus driver's license are a black market commodity and it is our own citizens that make a profit off of this. That is the scary shit