Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Affordable housing in the making?

Chris and I have had many conversations regarding what could be done to help people that simply can not afford to buy a home or pay rent that is outrageous because many homeowners are upside down on their mortgages. We have seen, on our street alone, three homes go up for sale only to land on the foreclosure list.

Why not have a community of mobile homes? No, I am not talking about a retirement community. Florida has plenty of those. I am talking about communities tailored made for families. Families that need a stable environment.

It would start with investors who are wanting to help by providing such a community. This could be the next step in affordable housing. Have you seen the improved homes? They are definitely not like the one I lived in for six years back when I lived in Mentor, Ohio. I wouldn't mind owning one myself or at least renting one in a family oriented neighborhood.

The economy is not bouncing back like the government had hoped and I can only see it getting worse still before it even starts to improve. With the housing market still falling and the construction industry almost halting. This might be the best time for an investor or group of investors to make a difference. The trickle down effect... More neighborhoods go into the works and the more people are back to work and then more people able to afford a minimal payment for a decent, well made home. At least I think it is a great idea.


Michelle said...

That is actually a fabulous idea.

I am involved with a group that is working on some non-profit ideas and that is perfect!

Mindy said...

Michelle - Could you imagine if a few of these neighborhoods would spring up how many people would be on a waiting list?
I would love to be of help if it is needed too. Just let me know!

Melissa said...

Hey Mindy!

I know MIchelle ( I guess that is how the stinker found your blog lol) but I agree that is just a great idea! More people need to think out of the box!

Mindy said...

Melissa - Outside of the box is about the only place I want to be right now in this economy:)
Also, all stinkers are welcome LOL!