Monday, July 6, 2009

Will You Be There

I know a lot of people have blogged about Michael Jackson and his untimely death. I wanted to do something different than to rehash what a shock it was.

The very first song that I remember singing and dancing to was "Rock with You". I knew about and heard his earlier songs from the Jackson 5 but that was before my time and I truly did not connect with that era.

I do remember taking a dance class as part of some curriculum in the seventh grade and we learned a routine to PYT which has brought back fond memories for me. I believe it was my first boy/girl dance and I was excited and embarrassed all at once. My sister received Thriller as a Christmas present but it quickly became the family album. MTV played that video over and over and in reality it should of died quickly but I never got tired of watching it. I thought it was the coolest video and song and it mainly because it featured my favorite thriller/suspense actor of all time... Vincent Price.

I liked just about every Michael Jackson song/video that came out after Thriller but the one that I will never tire of hearing is the theme song from Free Willy... Will You Be There.


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