Sunday, July 19, 2009

1.5 Trillion and counting

“I do not believe the federal government should be running health care in our country and levying massive tax increases on America’s small businesses. However, if this Administration and the majority party are going to force government-run health care on the American people, then Members of Congress should be required to enroll in that plan. If the government-run ‘public plan’ is good enough for millions of our constituents, then it should be good enough for Members of Congress,” Said Heller.

I absolutely agree with Rep. Dean Heller. He proposed an amendment to H.R. 3200 or better known as the America's Affordable Health Choice's Act. This would require that all member's of Congress must enroll in the government-run health care program.

So you really need to be told what the result of that was? It was voted against 21 to 18.

So far it is estimated that it will cost us, the taxpayers, 1.5 trillion dollars. I truly believe that estimated is grossly underestimated. Our children's, children's, children's, children's etc.... will be swimming in our big steamy pile of debt.


Michelle said...

You make such good points on this blog!

Things do not need to be so hard for everyone!

Mindy said...

Michelle - Thank you. And you are right. The government makes things harder than they really should be.