Sunday, July 5, 2009

It just keeps getting better

Friday night my hard drive gave up the ghost. I am currently working off my son's laptop. Another hard drive is on order ( thanks to my family) so I will have to get used to using Jeff's computer. And I am grateful to Jeff for letting me.

He paid for his computer with his own money and has been working extremely hard the past few weeks. He has already been accepted to the State College of Florida (formerly known as Manatee Community College) He will begin his classes in August. He has been working more hours and will always go in for someone else. His boss calls him first with any more hours available and he always accepts them.

Last week he paid for groceries so that we could have enough for rent. He offered or rather insisted because Chris and I would never ask him.

When we applied for assistance and Chris spoke to the caseworker, she had asked for everyone in the households pay stubs. Chris made it known to the caseworker that Jeff would absolutely not be responsible to contribute monetarily because he needed his money for school, his phone and gas for his scooter. She agreed. We have not heard as of yet whether or not we will receive assistance. Hopefully that will come in Monday's mail.

I am trying not to get stressed but I think that I may need to invest in some kind of wrinkle cream because I am going to be aging a lot faster because stress always finds a way into my life.
I am trying to look at this with a more "it is what it is" attitude but I am not sure how long I can pull that off. I am a worrier by nature. That is one aspect about me that drives Chris bonkers. I have been doing better and I am always trying to catch my thoughts before I make them verbal. This has not been easy but nothing is ever really easy.

We had a great time yesterday. Although, Jeff worked later than anticipated because another co-worker went home ill, we waited for him to get home before we had our cook out and sat in front of our TV (which is a rarity) and enjoyed our movies. We did get to see some fireworks. A neighbor on the next street over actually set off some mortars and we had a spectacular view. That is until the cops showed up:)

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