Monday, July 20, 2009

Waiting to flatline

I look at the state of our economy as if we are on life support. We are one step away of needing an AED to jump start our hearts. In all seriousness, we are a dying nation and unless we start fixing what is broken, we are either not going to recover or we will be permanently disabled. Pretty dim future for us all if you ask me.

What we should have done in the very beginning was let the big businesses, such as, GM and most of the banks that received bail out money to fail. Instead we, the taxpayer's, own 61% of GM (thanks to the government stepping in) and the banks are sitting on the bail out money instead of issuing it out like they were supposed to. Not one of the people that I know who have phenomenal credit were given loans to help get them out of debt. Hmmm.... why the hell not? Most bank CEO's are living high on the hog because it stated in their contracts that they would receive monetary bonuses. Aren't contracts written based on performance? Seems to me a lot of the high end corporate big wigs performed poorly and down right shady to deem worthy of a bonus to me.

I know of a lot of people that had the same type of contracts with their employers that didn't get their bonuses, because their companies acted responsibly and truthfully regarding the status of said company. They either came out with the truth and told their employers that it would be either get a bonus or still have a job at the end of the year. Many companies even went to the lengths of explaining their financial status by asking that employees take a pay cut in order to let the company survive. My own brother in law took a ten percent pay decrease and gave up his yearly bonus because he would rather have a job than nothing at all. He has a wife and two daughters to provide for. My other brother in law who is a master plumber has been laid off with no assistance whatsoever and his job prospects are zilch, zero, nada. He has a wife and three children and has taken to getting whatever side jobs he can just so his family can SCRAPE BY!

We Americans need to wake the hell up and take back our country before there is no country!

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