Monday, July 6, 2009

Computer for dummies

I have a Dell Inspirion 530. I bought it back in March of 2008. I needed a better computer for school and since the one I had was just about obsolete, I figured it was time to for a new one.

It is heartbreaking that the Internal Hard Drive died a little over a year of getting my new computer. What hurts the most is that everything I had worked so hard on can never be restored. I have lost everything. I would rather do a slimming pills review than have to redo all my hard work. I will recreate most of my documents and implement my spreadsheets for my business but It will take time to finish it all.

Chris worked patiently to try and see if he could retrieve any of my information using his external hard drive and his laptop. He learned how to extract my hard drive and plug it into his external hard drive from his friend, Phil. We also learned how easy it will be to upgrade my computer by adding more ram and a video card. I can't thank Phil enough for his help. It was quite comical to see Chris trying to show Phil the inside of my computer via Chris' laptop camera. Phil schooled Chris on what everything was. I even learned that computers really aren't that complicated.

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