Thursday, June 14, 2007

Early Menopause

Actually I think the correct term for it is pre menopausal... whatever they call it I have been going through it for 4+ years. It started not long after I had my tubes cut, burned and tied with bands. I knew that the onset of menopause was a possibility but I decided to have it done because I did not want to take the chance of losing another baby (another post maybe).
I was never a candidate for the pill and the other birth control options were not all that appealing. Chris loved the idea of course, no precautions for him! Anyway shortly after having the procedure done I started to get hot flashes. Then I noticed that I was gaining weight big time. No change in my routine except for the increasing pounds. My mood would change from a serene individual to a complete hysterical lunatic. Although my libido increased. Yep that sure sounds sexy doesn't it? One minute I am a complete raging bitch to a sex starved tramp. It drives Chris crazy!
The funny thing is that there is nothing that I can take to control this crap. As long as my body keeps producing the hormones I get nada.
I had one hell of a hot flash today while at work. I could not get relief for nothing and let me tell you living in Florida where our summers get scorching does not help. I actually stood in front of the freezer with the door open for a good ten minutes while the other women in the office, both of which are old enough to be my mothers, laugh and sympathize with my situation. They CAN take drugs to ease their uncomfortableness where I can only dream that the estrogen in my body takes a nose dive. Now I am beginning to wonder it that too is also contributing to my migraines.
Damn I am never going to figure this out!


latt├ęgirl said...

complete raging bitch to a sex starved tramp

Sorry, I know this is not funny but it IS FUNNY.

Pre-men is fun, yes/no. But then the periods stop and that, my dear, is a blessing... never mind the hot flashes. They come and go, unlike a week of bleeding.

DSB said...

This is yet another lovely aspect of womanhood I can look forward to, once my excruciating periods stop. Yippee!

Seriously, I hope you are able to get some relief, somehow. I know the migraines are awful!

Mindy said...

DSB - I still get periods although they are never predictable;(