Friday, June 22, 2007

Girls Night Out

I have not been out without the kids and/or Chris in ages. Not that I haven't wanted to I just didn't have anyone to go anywhere with. Kat and I have been planning for quite some time to get out and do something. When she posted about the movie 1408 and how much she wanted to go see it, I knew we would finally be able to go somewhere without our kids.

We planned on a dinner and a movie. I took her to Cheeburger Cheeburger because she had never been there before and they really do have good burgers. We also went to see the movie 1408.
Kat decided to get the tickets ahead of time through Fandango and it's a good thing she did because the line outside the theatre was ridiculous. Not to mention the concession line and all the teeny line jumpers. Kat was ready to knock some heads and I did not blame her one bit.
The teenagers theses days really have no common courtesy. As we were finding our seats Kat was told by two teenage girls that the seats we wanted were saved. Kat was like really? I don't see anyone sitting in them! And of course we sat down in the "saved" seats:) I know we are a bunch of 30 something year old rebels!
The movie was better than I expected, I really enjoyed it! John Cusack has never made a bad movie and of course Samuel L. Jackson was perfect for his role. A lot of suspense and it definitely had Stephen King's charm all over the movie. I have not been to a movie in a long time where you actually jumped out of surprise. There were even a couple of screamers in the audience.

So even though we went on opening night and yes the theater was pretty much packed with teenage brats. I am grateful that I got to go out and spend a few hours with someone who needed to do the same. I can definitely see this turning into a monthly girls night out.


Humincat said...

Sounds like fun. Kat sounds like my oldest sister. She's always getting irritated and personally offended by teens. Cracks me up. Glad you liked the movie. I can't stand scary movies, so I am not planning on seeing that movie. I can't even watch the previews, I'm a total wuss. I get it from my mom. She had a nervous breakdown when she saw 2 guys fighting on the street. Not good. See ya

latt├ęgirl said...

Kat put up her review, but I can't read it because of the spoilers.

You should definitely make a point of getting out once a month with a friend or friends. It's good for the mental health :) Not to imply that you are insane. You know what I mean!

Mindy said...

Humincat - It's not really a gory movie but a classic thriller which I like the most.

lattegirl- I read Kat's post on her other blog and she captured the movie perfectly. If you get the chance you really need to go see it.