Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We need to get healthy.

Chris announced the other day that he was giving up pepsi. This is like the water of the Gods to him. Chris would drink a 2 litre a day by himself. Personally I really didn't think he would do it but the last 4 days now he has been holding up well. The only bad thing is that since he has given up his favorite drink we all suffer. No soda in the house at all. Jeff has lost his root beer and I have lost my Orange Crush. Alternatives? Well... we have Gatorade in the fridge now. I had some Diet Pepsi left over from when Kat was here with her boys.. I can not get past the after taste of Diet sodas.. ewwww....

We have changed the way we cook and changed the amount of food we eat. Now I know in the long run it will be beneficial for everyone but I see Chris losing his weight faster than me. It's like that commercial with the cartoon man and woman. He gives up soda and so does she.. he loses 20 pounds and she looses 1. haha... the end result is he looks good and she gets angry and exclaims "What are trying to do? Weigh Zero?!" I laugh every time because it's true. It's harder for women 30 yrs and older to lose the weight.

He really doesn't need to lose all that much. Me? Try 40 pounds. I have never been this heavy. I will not let people take my picture because I truly can not stand the way I look. It depresses the hell out of me. Chris looks good he just has a little spare tire. He doesn't gain weight anywhere else. Me? I am one of those women that shares the fat with all of my body. I don't believe in being stingy.

I absolutely hate exercise because it is so damn boring. I would rather clean my house and work up a good sweat than go to a gym and watch everyone else sweat and besides the smell in those places is enough to gag a maggot.

So I think I will start posting the results each week. Maybe this will hold me accountable and also to motivate me to lose it faster than Chris;)


latt├ęgirl said...

It's a fact, men lose weight faster than women. So whatever you do, Mindy, don't try to diet at the same time as him, cuz you'll just end up getting mad at him. ;-)

Mindy said...

Haha... Thanks for the advice. I know it will a piece of cake for him to lose the spare tire (little one that he has) but I am happy most when he is happy. He has never made me feel inferior for my flaws. So I know that even it takes me three times longer he will be the one cheering the loudest.