Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today is the day..

Reese and Bentley are already at the vets. Not sure when they will be done. Could be as early as 1pm or as late as 5pm.
We did give them their baths last night but I wasn't able to clip them because the clippers were not working.. aggravating. At least they are clean:)

They knew something was up when they did not get fed this morning. Katie and I loaded them up into the car, drove them to Chris' mom so she could take them to the vets. I figured if she does it they won't be mad at me later. My mom told me when they took their "Peanut" to have her surgery, she would not look at my dad for a few days.

Other than that my family and I have chilled out the last few days. Chris actually played an online game called Dofus and he was able to play with his best friend, Phil who happens to be in London attending college for developing games. So they chatted and played online for a good 8 hours on Sunday.

Jeff has been picking up extra hours at work and in his spare time he has been going to the mall and hanging out with friends. He needs to get a grasp on informing his dad and I about his plans earlier rather than last minute. That is one of our biggest problems with him. He neglects to tell us until the 11th hour!

Katie is growing like a weed! She is going to be a tall girl. We bought clothes about 2 months ago, they are not even worn looking and already they are too small. We will have take her shopping this weekend to get her more shorts/jeans. Her shirts still fit but her pants are to tight and short. And so far no more incidents at Camp. I think they fired that counselor, or maybe they moved her somewhere else. I haven't seen her and when I pick Katie up in the afternoon I am being told how wonderful Katie is doing. There is a new counselor there that absolutely adores Katie.

Me? Still working on getting more products up on Regalo, coordinating my parents move to Florida, I reserved a storage unit for them in Venice. Cheapest one I have found so far. Damn these storage units are expensive.

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Humincat said...

Sooo, how did they do??? And if Jeff is like how I was at that age, the plans weren't SET until the last minute so he's probably telling you as soon as he knows about them. My mom always seemed to let me do more when I said, "Yea, We've been planning this for WEEKS!, don't you remember me telling you that one day, in the car?" Of if I just yelled it as I ran out the door, she'd usually not make a scene until I got home, which was fine with me. Crap. I am not looking forward to that age at ALL. Glad Katie is getting treated better.