Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Mom called...

and she told me that they may not have sold the house. Apparently the man wants to make another proposal since the inspector came out on Thursday. My dad told their realtor absolutely not.
The house was put on the market "as is" and it clearly stated that the garage needed work. My dad already came down on the house and included the closing costs. This realtor won't take no for an answer. He insists that my parents need to "give a little".
I just don't understand why this realtor is giving my parents a hard time. Isn't it his responsibility to represent my parents interest instead of the buyer? Seems like we have a conflict of interest here.
The man contacted the realtor on his own after seeing my parents home on the website. I would show you the home but because the sale is pending they took it off the site.
As much as my parents would like to sell the house and move to Florida they are not just going to give it away. They put a lot of blood, sweat and tears to fix up the house as it is now. New siding, windows, front porch, front door, new tile kitchen floor, carpet and appliances. They have tapped out all the extra money they had to do this. My mom was so upset on the phone and I felt so bad for her and my dad. I would buy it myself if I could. I keep wanting to tell my mom that the "right buyer" will come along but everyone seems to want something for nothing these days. The house was put on the market for 130.000.00 and my parents agreed to 124,000.00. You can not buy a home down here in Florida for less than 200,000.00 and that's for a shack. My parents house is on a huge lot almost an acre. I am hoping that when the realtor gets to my parents house tomorrow morning he will understand my parents wishes. The bad thing is my parents are under contract with them until October. I wonder if there is a way for them to be able to sever the contract because of this dumb ass? If any one has real estate knowledge, would you please email me and let me know what options my parents have?

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