Monday, June 11, 2007

House is a done deal.

My parents have indeed sold the house! It feels like a frickin' roller coaster ride. I don't think my heart can stand any more of this. I talked to my dad this time and the papers have been signed and the title transfer is already in process. They will have their money by July 11th and my parents will turn over possession on July 25th. Whew... glad that's done.

The "kid" as my dad calls him, because he is 25 yrs old, didn't understand how the process works and apparently thought he would be getting actual money back in his pocket. The truth of the matter is it would be going towards the title transfer and closing costs.

So now I have the job of finding them a self storage unit where they could put the things that my grandparents do not have the room for. If they do not sell their boat Chris and I might have to lodge it for awhile. It's a good thing we do not live in a deed restricted community. My parents would love to get a modular home in North Port, so I have been looking for different areas for them. My mom will be emailing me different places to look up for them. I am so glad they are finally coming. Although I am close to Chris' parents I sure do miss my own:)

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