Monday, June 18, 2007

I actually had a good weekend...

Friday I got some laundry done so that I wasn't bogged down with it on Saturday/Sunday. Saturday, after Chris sprayed insecticide in our home for ticks (they were here before we moved in) we took the canines to get their shots, took Jeff to work, went to the dog park so the pooches could get rid of some energy. We came back dropped off the pooches, Chris and Katie went to Wal Mart and I went to a friends house so she could show me html for dummies.

Chris and Katie went to a party thrown by Chris' work. Chris only mentioned needing reservations for two. So being that I didn't have time to get a sitter for her, Katie attended the party with her dad. I relished time to myself.

Sunday we took Chris out to lunch for Father's day. After Jeff got off from work we went to dinner with his parents and then decided to go see Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Not bad. It was nice to enjoy some time with my family.

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Mr. Fabulous said...

Silver Surfer was pretty good? Hmm...maybe I will reconsider my decision not to see it.