Monday, November 12, 2007

I am beat...

and I feel like I have been run over by a semi. I have a feeling my migraine marathon is returning full steam on. All weekend I had a slight migraine. The kind that linger to let you know the mother of all migraines will be showing up shortly. No pain pills are available but Chris did get some muscle relaxers for his TMJ and he only needed one. I may try it to see if the tension goes away and then maybe I won't get a full blown one.

School is actually going smoothly. I am still learning the ropes on navigating through my classes. I haven't really connected with any of the other students other than in discussion boards which are quite similar to forum message boards. This coming week has me nervous because we will actually be beginning the course. The first week was to get familiar with everyone and the course material. Now it's time to really sink in.

Work is work... Apparently the techs are hyping mad because health insurance premiums have gone up 40% again. That's four times in two years people. It's getting a little ridiculous. I opted out of the employer insurance almost a year now. It's cheaper for me and my children to get it privately. Seriously!!! I am telling you guys that everything is going to go up in price, not just gas. I am positive that gas prices will reach if not exceed $4.oo a gallon here shortly. I am sure the western states have already felt that pinch. Ok.. gotta go the migraine is full blown now:(

See ya all tomorrow....

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