Thursday, November 1, 2007

I love Chinese food.

I was spoiled when I was younger because close family friends of ours that came from China would always cook us an authentic home made Chinese dinner every Sunday. By the time I was five years old I knew how to use chopsticks like a pro. I would try just about anything they made. When my family and I reminisce about that family (Uncle Ed has passed away over 15 years ago) they would remind me of the time that my Uncle Ed joked with me that I was eating Water Buffalo and I just kept on eating like it didn't phase me a bit. I do remember telling Uncle Ed that buffalo was good. So much for trying to put one over on a kid right?

Aunt San would show me how to make egg rolls which is a very tedious task and it requires some very eccentric ingredients that I would not have guessed go into them. I haven't made them from scratch in years. My favorite soup in Won ton. I could make that a meal just by itself. Shrimp chips always have to be included when I am enjoying my Won ton.

My all time favorite dish is pepper steak and fried rice. I still make my own fried rice but when the family is craving an entire meal that is when we head out to an authentic Chinese restaurant. Because let's face it I do not have enough time to really cook it all from scratch.
Ok... I am going because I am going to devour the left overs I have in the fridge:)

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