Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shall we start this day over?

Let's see... Oh, I wake up 30 minutes later than I normally do with a migraine from hell. Chris is a little perturbed with me but what else is new at that hour of the morning.
I rush everyone to where they need to be and not one "Thank you". hmm... What the hell would they do if I wasn't here?

I get to work and there is no where to park. WTF people. I have a small Chevy Malibu. Is it really too much to ask to leave me some space to park? Your big ass box trucks should not be blocking my space any way. And what is it with men not getting their asses in gear to get to their first call on time. I am going to have to get into the threatening mode again.
Can you pictures this? Me standing by the door with a long baseball bat like stick, we fondly refer to as the "rectifier" and a tube of KY Jelly. This is the only way to get them the hell out of the office and on their way to the customers. There is this one tech that we call "Fred Flinstone" because I swear people the amount of time he takes to get to a house that would normally take ME 15 minutes takes him 45 and the only way I see that happening is by foot powering the damn truck. I have even taken on the role of "Kazoo" and calling him Dum Dum. For those of you who have seen the Flintstones can relate. For those of you who have not then you are way too young to be reading my blog.. geesh.

I get home and prepare the dinners side dishes while Chris' grills the burgers. I then take Jeff to work and go to the store to pick up dog food and other odds and ends. But before leaving in the first place I started to download a free trial run for 60 days of Microsoft office 2007 so that I can open the documents I need for classes. I thought Chris would've made sure it installed correctly but by the time I get back (almost an hour later) the computer froze and I had to start all over again and Chris wonders why I give him looks of death!

Once I pick up Jeff from work we come home and I help Jeff study for an American History test and come to find out he is far from knowing the material. WTF son.. didn't you pay attention to anything? I wanted to strangle him. He tells me "no prob mom it's open book" Really? well seeing as how you don't know the material how are you going to know where to look for the answers? SMART ASS!!!

And on top of all that I still have that damn stupid fucking migraine! I'm going to bed.


Mr. Fabulous said...

As far as you and the stick and the KY Jelly, I have a philisophical question.

Is it okay for me to masturbate to that?

Mindy said...

Fab honey.... you will masturbate to anything:) If you prefer however I can come to your house with the "rectifier" and the KY Jelly?

Humincat said...

HAHAHAH! I totally had that kind of migraine yesterday! And yeah, my husband complains about my evil looks, but if he'd rather, I can start really SAYING what I think instead.....

latt├ęgirl said...

Sounds like you need to take a step back some days and just let everyone else do their thing without you.

Or at least go on strike one day each week.

Mindy said...

Humincat - Chris would rather see my evil looks than to hear me say how I really feel because I hold nothing back:)

lattegirl - *sigh* I have done the whole I am on strike thing only to go back to doing things but with more bullshit and work to do..