Saturday, November 10, 2007

Seems like old times...

Today I spent a great deal with my mom. After waking up at 6am to get Jeff ready for his orchestra outing and dropping him off at his high school at 7:30 I went to meet my mom for breakfast. Chris and Katie were still sleeping when I left.

We talked about the weather difference between Florida and Ohio and how well her and my dad are adjusting to living with my moms parents until they find their own place. I haven't laughed with my mom in such a long time. My mom and aunt finished painting my grandparents bathroom (kinda had to since the wallpaper was peeling off the walls) and the next step is to paint the other bathroom. My mom treated me to a haircut. This is her way of telling me that my hair is in dire need and baby you are much too old to have hair down past the middle of your back. I didn't mind one bit because actually I have been wanting to get my haircut but didn't know exactly what I wanted. So... I got four inches taken off the length and the sides shaped to my face and bangs. Nothing drastic because then I would have to actually spend time on my hair and I don't have that luxury.

My parents and Chris' parents will all be here for Thanksgiving and that is going to be a hoot. Already my mom has committed to making Three pies: Apple, Blueberry and of course Pumpkin. During our breakfast conversation she had asked me what vegetable I had planned on and this is how our conversation went:
Her: Don't you want green bean casserole?

Me: Well, yeah that would be nice.

Her: Then I will make it. Oh and I will bring the stuffing cause you know your dad loves stuffing and while we are talking about this what kind of salad do you plan on? Wait.. I will make Waldorf salad too.

Me: Mom... Mom.....MOM!! Do you want to cook at my house? Except for the Turkey because we are frying that.

Her: Well that might not be such a bad idea but first we will need to clean your house real good before that... not saying your house is a mess but you know it could use a good cleaning

Me: Whatever... how's your sausage gravy and biscuits?


latt├ęgirl said...

This had me giggling! Moms are such... moms, aren't they?!

MMMM... biscuits and gravy... I am drooling.

Mindy said...

lattegirl - you're giggling now...wait until I post the converation from Thanksgiving:)