Sunday, November 11, 2007

It just doesn't get any better...

About a week and a half ago Chris' license was suspended for 90 days. He will not be able to reinstate it until January 24th. Way too many speeding tickets. He got most of them driving from one inspection to another in record time:) Now he has the office manager take him to his inspections. I am seriously thinking about buying him a radar detector for Christmas either that or one of those chips that stalls the care if you exceed 80 mph.

So... not only do I have to drive my son to school which Chris used to do but now I have to take him to work and then take Katie to school. Which means we leave the house around 6:30a.m. Now I am used to it already and I actually get to work a half and hour early so I can take a full lunch hour to be able to go home and let my dogs out. Now Chris is talking about making the change permanent. *sigh* Why? because he has 23 points on his license right now and one more point and the license is gone for a full year. Men.

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