Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This needs some serious thought.

I mentioned in October that I wanted to approach my boss regarding a raise that was promised me. Well, it was too hard to pin him down long enough to honestly talk about it without being interrupted by several people. Yesterday, he approached me. Not to talk about the raise but to convince me to go back on their company insurance. I opted out this time last year because the provider switched our plans to an outrageous Health Savings Plan. That means I would have to pay $6,000.00 dollars to have coverage but I would also had to meet my $4000.00 deductible first before any benefits kicked in. I could in no way afford that type of plan.
Needless to say I found a better plan for me and my children on my own. I only pay $265.oo a month and my co-pay is $35.oo across the board except for emergency room which is $100.00.

They have switched providers and they need 10 people to be on the policy in order to avoid divulging medical history. Coincidently they would have had enough people if he had not had let a tech go yesterday. So this was his proposition. He would give me a $2.10 an hour raise which would be exactly enough to cover the cost of including my children on the plan. They would pay my premium. My boss looked it at that he was saving me the money I had been shelling out every month for my own. I had mentioned that I was not sure I was comfortable with an HMO and due to my daughters ear issues I would not think it would be beneficial for my family to switch. I also went on to say that although I understand their situation with the insurance but that I could still use the raise since It is owed to me and retro.

I am not getting retro but instead an extra weeks vacation and a $1.00 an hour increase. He did not commit to that review over a year ago and in fact he was not apart of it. The Ex-general manager made that deal. I am not exactly happy with the outcome although it is better than nothing. They decided to put the office manager on their insurance (company paid of course) even though she is already covered on her husbands insurance.

Nothing is written in stone. I did request that he personally put it in writing and allow me to review it before signing the agreement. Personally apart of me wants the $2.10 an hour raise and an extra weeks of paid vacation. What do you think?

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