Monday, November 5, 2007

Busy Weekend... Busier week ahead

This weekend was daunting and exhausting.
I managed to:
  • Get all the laundry done
  • Take Jeff back and forth to work
  • Scrub the downstairs floor ( Hardwood)
  • Cook dinner
  • Grocery shopping
  • Clean dinner dishes
  • Get all the necessary paperwork done for my online classes
  • Piss Chris off several times (apparently that is what I am most excellent at;)
  • Make Potato Salad AND egg salad.
  • And a bunch of little odds and ends

Now that we have a second computer in the house ( I am the Queen of one computer that's all mine) mainly because of my school requirements and the fact that I will need to be on more than all the other heathens that live here. Also because Chris has takin a likin to Guild Wars and now plays with his buddy Phil, who happens to live in England. Don't even ask how many hours he played this weekend.

I am so super hyped about starting school on Wednesday. I am so nervous and anxious and really worried whether or not I will make it. I just hope my family will understand that I will need their help. Pfft.. who am I kidding. They expect me to be Wonder Woman.


latt├ęgirl said...

Sweetie, try not to be nervous about school. Walk in there telling yourself you CAN DO IT. (I had to do this with my last job, after being fired from the hotel and feeling like such a failure.)

I am so proud of you! It's a huge step, going back to school. Draw up a big list of "Chores for The Rest of You" and stick it on the fridge (where the menfolks will be sure to see it, lol) and be sure nobody invades your school-based mindset when you need to be without distraction. Good, too, about the second computer.

You go, girl! xxxooo

Mindy said...

Lattegirl - You did not fail at anything! It's the hotels loss not yours:) I am so overwhelmed by all the support everyone has given me and yours is very much appreciated too!! Thanks, I so needed it:)