Friday, September 19, 2008

Cats rule my house

I grew up in a household that always had pets, except for cats. My father is not a cat person at all but don't ask me why all cats gravitate towards my dad. They just do. Our two, Belle and Cuddles, adore my dad. They will not stop meowing until he at least acknowledges their presence. I always thought that I was most like my dad. I never had the urge to own a cat and I never could understand the people that preferred cats over dogs. When Jeff was about 4 or 5, I got him a small dog, Taffy and then two months later my sister asked me to take her kitten because the apartments she lived in did not allow pets. Jeff had named her Pumba. Gee, I wonder where he got that name. Pumba was the epitome of why I didn't like cats. She was mean and feisty and sneaky as hell. She never allowed Jeff to just hold her. Jeff constantly had scratches and bites all over him and Pumba would climb my legs while I stood there washing dishes because she knew that she could. I swore that I would never own another cat. Never say never!

I have to admit that I enjoy the two I have now. Cuddles is the adventurous one. She will investigate anything. She is very loving but only when she wants it. She is the dominant of the two. Belle on the other hand will let you hold her for hours and just purr up a storm. The one thing I get a kick out of is when they turn into Psycho cats chasing and flipping their toys with the catnip inside. I swear they this stuff makes them look like they are on crack. That's what Chris calls it, Crack for Cats. The way these two act around it you would think they would need drug rehab to get over the catnip. Also let's not forget alcohol rehab. The way Cuddles behaves when I have a beer is like a wino looking for his last drink. I can't take a sip of my beer without her tilting the can her way so she can have some. At night I have to spend at least 15 minutes playing with them before I can go to sleep otherwise they will jump all over me in the bed. And don't even bring ice cream or potato chips near them because you might as well just set it down and step away.

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