Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kat has not been moved yet.

I haven't posted earlier because Jo never got back to me until 10 minutes ago. With all the things she has to deal with I can understand. She spoke with a nurse earlier this afternoon. They think they may have nicked her lung during surgery or the bag that was placed around her lungs. She is still in ICU.

They tried to take an x-ray of her chest to find out whether or not her lung re inflated. They could not tell because of all the hardware that she has in her body. So… they will need to take a Cat Scan (CT) when one becomes available. They have her on a waiting list at the moment and Jo is to call the hospital at 6pm to see if there is any change.

She has been under sedation this whole time. They do not like to bring people out of sedation while they have a breathing tube still in place. Everyone that wakes up with one tries to take it out not knowing what it is at first because it feels like you are being choked. So… for her benefit they are keeping her asleep.

I cannot go see her until she is out of ICU. Jo and the boys may go see her tomorrow but even if she is still in ICU they will only be allowed to visit for five minutes and they will not bring her out of sedation. Chances are it will be Friday before they move her out of ICU.

I am hoping to be able to visit her on Saturday. I know she is going to wake up thinking that it's only going to be the next day. I think she will be shocked that she has been sleeping for days now. I am hoping that maybe she will sleep the after surgery pain off and won't be in a lot of pain when they do bring her out of sedation.

I know a lot of you are keeping her and her family in your thoughts and I know she will appreciate it! Please if you can visit one of her sites and donate whatever you can to her PayPal donate site. I have a feeling it's going to be a little rougher for her financially once she does come home. She has donate button on both her blogs.

I will keep you all informed as I get the information. Thanks so much for caring!


Jade said...

Again, thanks so much for any updates you pass along.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness! Hopefully they can get things figured out soon. And you're right, she's going to freak when she is finally out of sedation! But thankfully she is in good hands! Thank you again for the updates Mindy!

Avitable said...

Thanks for the updates!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the updates! She and the boys are in our thoughts!

Bluepaintred said...

wow! It's unbelievable how bad her luck has been! I hope you are right and by the time she wakes up most of the stiffness and pain from surgery is gone!

Sassy said...

Mindy, thanks for the updates. Kat is very lucky to have a friend like you.

Mindy said...

To All - All of you are so kind and caring. Thank you for the support and concern. It may seem as if Kat has to endure a lot but given the person that she is, she can overcome any obstacle put in her path. She is a survivor.