Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mama, I can read!

I have mentioned before how my daughter, Katie, is struggling with her reading skills. Basically she was a non reader for her kindergarten and first grade years. She has a learning disability that inhibits her from retaining information and therefore she would forget letters and sounds. This made it extremely difficult for Katie when it comes to reading.

Last week I have noticed a positive change in her. She is showing more interest in reading and she is taking chances to sound out words that I would think she would just as soon not even to attempt at. Yesterday, Chris took Katie to the store with him and she started to notice signs and try to figure them out herself without help. With some prompting from her dad, Katie, started to read every sign she saw. She read exit signs and store names. I think the light bulb is finally shining strong for her and hopefully she will take off running with her new found skills.

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