Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She’s coming home!

I spoke with Kat yesterday. She called to let me know that they had moved to her to a private room and that she would be coming home today. Depending on what time they release her, myself or Jo will be picking her up. She's anxious and wants to come home. She was in a happy mood and we laughed quite a bit over the phone.

I know that I didn't post for a few days but the situation didn't change and I was a bit under the weather. I am sure Kat will have lots to say once she is home and in her comfy chair in front of her computer. If I could have planned ahead more for her I might have been able to give her access to a laptop computer to use while recovering but maybe it was all for the best. I know she is a little unnerved that they kept her "sleeping" for five days but she understands why.

I am sure once she is settled back at home and has gotten her strength back she will be surfing the net and posting like a mad woman. Knowing Kat it won't be long at allJ


Holly said...

It's good to hear she's well enough to finally come home! And while it might have been nice for her to have access to a laptop the past week or so, it's probably better that she didn't because it allowed her to rest!

So sorry to hear you've been under the weather, hope you get to feeling better soon! Thanks again for all of your updates and all of the wonderful help you are to Kat and the boys!

Mindy said...

Holly - I am always happy to help out however I can.

Kat said...


Thanks again so so much for all of your help during my surgery reporting everything for everyone to keep them updated. I know when I spoke to my mom (Lois) and my sis Jo, they both thanked you for what you were doing.

I was quite pissed when I found out they wouldn't let you in to the ICU to see me, I put you on the list for a reason, but admitting said family only, I wish I had known that so that you knew that instead of just sitting there waiting so many hours and hours.

I was completely confused waking on Friday thinking it was only Tuesday, confused doesn't really explain it all...LOL

The whole thing was very rough, very scary, and the teens were terrified by a few things that git said in front of them that shouldn't have even said in front of them. I told you about that on the way home today.

And really, thank you so so much again for everything, I owe you big time....LOL
And yes, if the situation were reversed, yes, I would do it for you in a heartbeat, but let's hope that never happens mmok? LOL
That whole collapsed lung thing really sucks.
It actually hurts more than my actual spine fusion in my neck.

I'm not typing very well, I've made about 3 dozen mistakes just trying to leave this comment hahhahha
I'm so sorry to hear you weren't feeling well at all, you never once let on that you were feeling bad, you should have told me, but I can't thank you enough for all of you help.

Mindy said...

Kat - It was over the weekend that I wasn't my 100 percent:) Migraine came on full tilt on Saturday morning. But Hey, I am used to those by now.

My only concern was you. I understand the red tape that hospitals have and I was not mad at all. I just wanted to make sure you were ok and that your personal stuff got to you. I would have felt terrible if I had to take it all home with me knowing that you wanted those things...especially your contacts:)

And besides... that's what friends to for one another.