Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They didn’t teach this when I was in high school…

Jeff is taking some strange classes. All his classes except for the electives are honor courses, including Astronomy and Economy. He chose astronomy because he wants to major in Aerospace engineering. I understand that. One of the many assignments he will be graded on will be getting together with his class on a weekend night and go east of the interstate and just star gaze through the teachers high powered telescope. I think that will be cool.

In his economy class they are actually learning how to read the stock market and each student was set up with his own stock account (fake of course) and they have to monitor their stocks and know when to buy and sell. They are also being taught online trading. It's just amazing what the kids are being taught these days.

Jeff wants to go to his homecoming dance in two weeks. He asked out a girl already and she accepted but her parents said no. Not even when I assured her father that Chris would be chaperoning them and we would be more than willing to host a dinner at our home so they can get to know Jeff and us. She is two years younger and she has never been out on a date much less a formal dance. And her parents are just not comfortable with her dating a 17 year old. It kind of makes me mad in a way because I know my son. But on the other hand I know how Chris will be when Katie starts dating. Vision a man sitting on the front porch with a shotgun cleaning it when the young man comes to take Katie out. Enough said.

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