Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kat made it through

I picked Kat up at 4:17a.m. I could tell she did not get much sleep and that the boys were extremely upset. Mark and Sebastian did not sleep all night!

We arrived at the hospital at 5:33a.m. and had to wait until 6:00 to have her admitted. The office was not open until then. Once we got up to the pre-op area they gave her a waiting room and she changed into her lovely hospital garment J

I stayed with her right up until they were going to take her to the OR. I doubt she remembers me leaving… she was already sedated. The I.V.'s and other wiring they had her hooked up to were surreal. And I was told that was just the beginning. Her doctor was extremely kind and explained to me how long the procedure would take and that once she was in recovery he would come talk to me.

I was in the waiting room from 8:30-10:00 and the nurse called me at the desk to tell me that her surgery wouldn't start until 10:30 and to expect it to be over around 4:30-5pm. She told me that they had my cell number and to please not wait around all day. I did anyway. I wasn't going to leave until I knew she was ok and also because I had her backpack of stuff.

Dr. M. came in to see me at exactly 4:36pm to tell me how well the surgery went and he went on to say that he was keeping the breathing tube in overnight in case there were any complications. I immediately called her sister, Jo, to let her know the news and that I would wait to see her before going home.

I waited until 8:45pm. When I called the nurse's station to find out her progress, they informed me that she was still in the recovery room and were waiting for a bed to open up in the ICU. I didn't want to leave but I had to get back to my family. So I called Jo and asked her if I should hang on to her stuff or "trust" a nurse to give it to her. We decided that I should keep her wallet and give the backpack to the ICU nurse, which is what I did.

I got home at 9:45pm. My daughter, Katie, was in bed but not asleep. She waited until I got home so I could tuck her in. I said goodnight to Jeff and to Chris and went straight to bed. I don't remember hitting the pillow.

Jo called me at 9:30 this morning to give me an update. Kat is still in the ICU and will be there for the rest of the day today. She did have some complications last night but they would not go into detail with Jo and they told her that she was stable now and seems to be doing well. They advised her to not bring the boys up because her face is extremely swollen, she is still on the breathing tube and they still have her sedated. Jo and the boys will probably visit her tomorrow evening but I plan on going there in the mid morning provided that she can receive visitors. I will do my best to keep everyone updated.


Holly said...

Thank you very much for the update Mindy, we've all been worried and wondering what's going on. Please let Kat and the boys know that they are in our thoughts!
Holly (A fellow PU2B'er)

latt├ęgirl said...

Thank goodness I stopped by here and found out why her blog is on hiatus.

I appreciate the fact that you a) posted this info and b) helped her out so much.

Mindy said...

Holly - No problem :) Mark and Sebastian are with her sister, Jo, and are doing fine. They are anxious but fine.

Lattegirl - I know that Kat would do the same for me:)

Jade said...

Mindy, thanks so much for the update. I've been stressing over how things went. I'm really glad to know she's doing okay right now.

As Holly asked, please let them all know we're thinking about them!

Dyane said...

Thank you for updating us Mindy, I've been worried about her. Please let her know I'm thinking about her.

heather said...

Thanks for the update Mindy!! Tell her we are all thinking about her and we hope that she getting better soon. Give her hugs too for us all.

Draven said...

Thank you so much for updating about kat... She was on my mind all day...

Tilly said...

You don't know me, my sis gave me a stumble to your blog. We have all been praying for Kat. I am thankful that she made it through the surgery. We will continue to pray for her and her family.I understand that if one member has a problem with families, all are concerned for the one member.