Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Week... where the hell is the time going?

Why do weekends fly by so damn fast? Geez... I count on my weekends to get shit done and it never does. Then I have to go through another excruciating week of dragging my ass only to look forward to the weekend and then I just get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. I need to clone myself! Or I really need the family to pitch in a lot!!! HA, fat chance of that happening.

This weekend we have yet another Girl Scout Cookie booth.. This time it will be at Walmart. We have been doing real well as far as the girls reaching their goals.

I would love to just curl up with a good Dean Koontz book all day on Saturday and just lose myself in the story. Ain't going to happen. People need to be fed, clothes washed, bathrooms cleaned and by golly this weekend I am going to wash the damn floors. I have been saying that for a few weeks now....

Just once I would like to hire a cleaning company to come and take care of the nitty gritty so I can enjoy my weekend. But I don't think they do laundry, or do they? I used to clean homes for a good 6 years when Jeff was a tiny tot. It was decent money back then. I did have a friend who wanted to hire a maid service to clean her apartment when she was moving out - I about died when she told me they wanted $195.00 for a one bedroom. What were they going to do lick the floors clean? So... I don't think Chris would approve of me spending roughly $300 to clean our house.. I jacked up the price because I have three bedrooms and three full bathrooms. When little ol me can do it for free:(


Belle said...

The funny thing about me is that I LOVE cleaning. I daydream a good portion of my morning at work away, thinking about all the stuff I need to/should/want to do in the house when I get home. Then....I get home, fix myself a snack, read email, read blogs, pop in over at Myspace for a while, check on LJ, but only very quickly, because by then I am ready to read a bit and nap for about thirty minutes. Then the kids are home, and I do snacks and practices and then homework, and supper. And then I am exhausted and just want to chill while watching tv.

Well, I know my comment didn't help you, but it helped me solve the mystery of where my time goes!

Mindy said...

I don't actually mind cleaning but I never have the damn energy:(

kat said...

I really like cleaning too, but a maid service would kick ass.