Monday, February 12, 2007

Her name is Lilly

Meet our newest member of the family. This is "Princess Lilly" or Lilly for short. She is absolutely adorable and so small. She is three weeks old and we will be able to bring her home in Mid March. Marci estimates her weight full grown between 6 - 8 pounds. We went to visit Marci, her husband and their 17 dogs (11 of them puppies) at their friends house in Sarasota. Not to mention their friends also had two Shih Tzus. Bear and Cleo from a previous litter of Marci's. I wish I had a camera because I fell head over heels for Bear. He was a doll. All 8 dogs were perfect.
Chris, Katie and I were surrounded by all the adult dogs just waiting to love on you. No barking, all tail wagging and so precious. We played with the dogs and held the puppies and we were there for an hour and a half. I truly did not want to leave. Katie and I are marking the days off the calendar until we can bring Lily home.

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