Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I recently found a breeder in Ft. Lauderdale that I have been sending emails back and forth with that has two litters that were born on the same day, January 19th. It's funny her first litter was born in the morning and by the time she cleaned up and sterilized everything her second litter was getting ready to enter the world. Her website ( has pictures of the two litters and OMG how adorable. Chris, Katie and I (Jeff has to work)will be meeting her and her four legged family this Saturday at their friends house in Sarasota. She emailed me and told me about her plans to spend time with her friends on this side of the state and she would like us to come over so we can see her puppies and also see her friends dogs from her last litter so we can get a general idea of what we will be getting. I am so excited. I haven't told Katie yet because she will constantly ask the same question over and over again. "How manys days is it till we see the puppies?" I know she will want to take one home then and there but they will only be three weeks old and I will have to explain to her over and over that we will have to wait at least another 5 weeks before we can bring the puppy home. Ever since my daughter overheard me talking to Chris about getting another puppy my daughter has been on us like flies on crap to get the puppy. I have to admit though deep inside I am just as anxious as Katie is. haha.....

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