Monday, February 5, 2007

Girl Scout Cookie Time

My daughter, Katie, and her Brownie troop will be embarking in their first ever Girl Scout cookie sale. A lot has changed since I was in Girl Scouts. I can't believe all the protocol to be able to sell cookies from strategically placed booths in certain store fronts. On 2/17 we will be running a booth at the little league seasonal starter games. We should reach our goal on that day alone haha....Chris and I have signed up for 4 Saturdays with two hour windows to help Katie sell boxes of cookies. Each girls goal is to sell 206 boxes. This helps the troop to be able to pay for the girls outings and special badges etc... and it also gives them confindence in themselves that they have certainly earned. My daughter has always been the outgoing and friendly type and she certainly has blossomed more since she became involved with the Girl Scouts as a Daisy last year. I enjoy seeing her enjoy herself.


kat said...

I don't want to buy a lot of them cuz I'll eat them, but I'll take a box of tag alongs...LOL

Mindy said...

I can do that. One box of tagalongs will be headed your way around Feb 13th.

kat said...

Sweet! I can paypal or mail the money, just let me know which you prefer. :)