Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not one of my better days....

Marci, the breeder where we found Lilly called Chris today to tell him that she has fallen in love with Lilly and would like us to consider giving her up and pick out another puppy. She would even give us a deal on two. Needless to say I have entertained that idea but now as I sit here typing I am inclined to just say " No, that's ok you can keep Lilly and may I please have my money back"? I have looked at the other puppies and I don't feel a connection there. #1 I purposely was drawn to Lilly because of her size. #2 I wanted a female - both litters combined produced 11 puppies but only three females. I haven't given her an answer yet but I am really thinking about just waiting for the right one. Chris told me I can always say no, we really want Lilly but then I would feel guilty and I really hate that. So here it is after midnight and I can't sleep and my head is throbbing because I am so tired but my brain will not shut off. ARRGGHHH!!!

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kat said...

Why should you feel guilty? She offered the dog up for sale, you purchased the dog in full, a deal is a deal. Nothing to feel guilty over at all.
Did you get a sales receipt? If you have, then too bad for her.
You bought her, she's your dog now. If the breeder won't part with it, demand your money back and say fuck you.