Friday, February 9, 2007

Weekends are supposed to be relaxing....

Not for this gal. I use my weekends to catch up on things that I am just too damn tired for during the week. Mostly laundry. If I start laundry as soon as I wake up (which rarely happens) I may be done by 6pm. That's washing, drying, folding and hanging. It's a good thing I buy clothes that do no need ironing or forget it. I am one of those people that will not go through two outfits a day. I refuse to do that. I will stay in my work clothes (which is only pants and a work shirt) until I go to bed. On the weekends I normally wear grungy outfits while I do work around the house.

I have been on my daughters back to clean her room. You absolutely cannot walk in her room without stepping on something. Toys are everywhere. There is not a lick of space on her dresser, entertainment center, desk or night stand. My son thinks that just because you can see his floor his room is clean. Neither of my kids have organization in their lives. Chris however is pretty neat... He has a method to his madness. I would If I had my own space but alas Chris has moved into my territory. You want to know whats on my dresser? Papers that need to be put away but I haven't a clue what to do with them, jewelry box, some perfume, picture frames laying flat stacked on top of each other, Some laundry that was folded just before bedtime and never got put away. This happens just about every week, Chris' remote control hummer ( thing is huge takes up 1/4 of my dresser top) I asked him to move it once and he looked at me like I was mad for suggesting such a thing.

When I come to bed at night I have to undress in the dark (heaven forbid I turn on a light) Chris says all the time for me to turn on the bathroom light so I can see and when I have done that all I get is grumbling and a how dare you sigh. So needless to say when I do come to bed I have to feel my way to my side of the bed, get undressed and slip into bed. My side of the room looks like a freaking tornado blew by.

I am determined to get up earlier than usual provided that I do get some sleep. Start laundry as soon as Jeff awakens since the poor kid has the stackable washer/dryer in his closet. Do not ask me why they didn't put the laundry hook ups in the garage. I mean there used to be but then they decided to put it upstairs in one of the bedrooms.

Start on the bathrooms only this time I refuse to clean Jeff's bathroom. So that leaves me with the master and the full bath downstairs that Chris uses. Sweep the floor of my precious Scooter's stray hairs that once you do sweep them together would make several wigs. That dog sheds like crazy. Dust, and hopefully if I still have it in me wash the floors. However I don't see that happening. Then of course we have to go visit Marci and her dogs tomorrow at noon after we drop Jeff at work. I am really looking forward to seeing the puppies and hopefully picking one out. It will be hard not being able to take her home until they are ready to leave their mother but anxious to see what they look like just the same. Sunday we get to pick up the Girl Scout cookies and if you still want a box of tagalongs Kat let me know. I will also be devoting time with adding more items to our website this weekend and hopefully by the end of February every item will be on the site. Fortunately Chris does help with the tedious part of that. I may get him to do the "Manly" chores but like always if I don't "bitch" it doesn't get done and frankly I am too tired to deal with that right now. By the time I can actually sit down and relax it's late and about the time I need to get to sleep to start yet another fun filled week of work.

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