Saturday, February 17, 2007

Let the Cookie selling begin!

It's official. For the next month you will be seeing Girl Scout cookie booths set up at your local grocery store, Walmart, Kmart, etc... Chris has signed us up for 5 booths. It's not so Katie can be top seller or anything because all the cookie sales that each booth does from her troop will be divided equally. Which I think is a great idea. Chris just wants to make sure the troop does well. We started our first booth today at the little league opener in Sarasota. In an hour and a half's time we sold approximately 60 boxes. Katie and her friend Ali were really putting themselves out there to make it known we had Girl Scout cookies. Chris also decided to commit to selling three additional cases. When we got home he took Katie door to door and sold two of those cases. The other case he plans on taking to work on Monday. Now if only I could get him to promote our business more like he does the cookies we are set! If you do come across a Girl Scout selling cookies in your area please participate in buying a box or two because it really does benefit the girls in a large way. You may think that majority of the money goes back into making the cookies but actually the girls troop gets 60% of the cookie money to go into their funds to help pay for whatever the troop decides to do with it. Also the girls are sponsoring a "Mints for our Military" if you don't want to eat the cookies yourself you can purchase the cookies to be sent to our troops abroad. What a great treat that will be to the men and women that serve our country.


kat said...

Ack! If I had known you send cookies to soldiers, I would have ordered a few more boxes. I just don't need that many on my hips...LOL

Mindy said...

Haha.... well.... they are still selling at the local grocery stores ;) J/K!!!!