Thursday, February 1, 2007

It is finished

Finally...the whole child support ordeal is over. I won't go into great detail but it is finally resolved and I am actually happy with the outcome. I get to keep claiming my son as an exemption and will receive 500.00 per month until Jeff graduates high school in 2009. That came to pass because Roy and I actually agreed it that way. We drew up papers had our signatures notarized and sent it off to the courthouse about two hours after our hearing was over. The whole time we were in the hearing the judge kept hinting that we should get together and work it out. Almost as if to say I really do not want to touch this one. The only issue that the Judge is left with is the breakdown of how the out of pocket expenses for my son's health care will be divided. I will probably be court ordered to maintain my son's health insurance, which will be easier since we live Florida and Roy's insurance is in Ohio. Aside from that headache I enjoyed my visit with my parents even if it was a really short one. On Monday evening when I called home to talk to my family my daughter, Katie, told me that she missed me and that I needed to come home now. My heart broke to hear her say it like that. I know her daddy took good care of her but she is definately my baby. My son however is like " Hey mom, did you soak Roy?" " Love you mom. see ya" Teenagers.... So I have been back since Tuesday night and still not completely with it. I would've kept up on my posts but my parents have dial up and I tried but it was a pain and it kept crashing on me. Now that I am stress free of that headache I can concentrate on doing more with my blog and adding a lot more to it. Well... it's late and of course I have to work in the morning.

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